Our Sustainable Management


La Aldea de la Selva Lodge pursues a sustainability policy within the framework of a sustainable tourism management.

In this context, in La Aldea de la Selva Lodge, we are aware that taking care of our social and natural environment strengthens our business, since being a responsible company committed to the sustainable development of the local community is directly related to being a successful company..

Our development is based on innovative and sustainable practices, in this way, we aim to influence the different parties involved in the sector and the society which we are part of, to generate value for all of our Stakeholders..

Taking into account the interrelation between the three dimensions of sustainability (business, socio-cultural and environmental), and considering our mission, vision and values, we have made the following commitments.

Corporate Responsibility

La Aldea de la Selva Lodge is firmly committed to providing a quality service. For that purpose, we have developed a set of actions which translate in joint plans and manuals to provide an excellent service.

Our staff receives permanent training both on acquiring specific skills related to their professional activity and on generating habits and conducts tending towards the development of sustainable management. This training begins with an orientation process when someone starts working in our Lodge, and it is continued during the whole time that person works with us.

At the same time, we evaluate those skills, habits and conducts through a permanent and constant performance assessment process. Such skills are described in our Position Manual and our Quality Manual.

We have a Code of Ethics, a Health and Safety Plan and a Maintenance Plan that we strictly follow, to infuse our service with the quality and excellence that our guests deserve.

Finally, we aim to share with our suppliers and colleagues all the sustainability practices applied in our establishment, aware as we are of the need to promote the sustainability principle throughout our value chain and the tourism industry in Puerto Iguazú.

Environmental Responsibility

La Aldea de la Selva Lodge shows its commitment towards the environment through several concrete actions.

We have a Sustainable Water and Energy Management Plan, to promote its efficient use and to incorporate good environmental practices. We also have a waste management system, we separate at source all the waste generated on site. Organic waste of vegetal origin is reused to produce the organic compost we use as a fertilizer in our gardens and pots. Recyclable inorganic waste is given to a Puerto Iguazú cooperative of urban collectors, who recycle waste to re-enter it to the industry.

We also have a Biodiversity Conservation Plan, in line with which only native species are planted in the Lodge area, and all of our facilities and operations are prepared and carried out in such a way as to produce the least possible impact, so as to avoid disturbing the local wildlife or damaging the native flora.

Finally, we have a Green Purchases Plan, to give priority to the purchase of minimal-packaging, fresh, organic, biodegradable products with certified traceability.

Not only is our staff committed to these good practices, but we also try to work together with our suppliers so as to encourage them to follow our same goals related to environmental management,, including energy and resource efficiency, biodiversity management, waste reduction, and recycling.

Social and Cultural Responsibility

La Aldea de la Selva Lodge is committed to the local community and actively participates in the sustainable development of Puerto Iguazú.

We have several policies that express our commitment towards our employees, suppliers and the community in general:
Local employment: When hiring staff, the Lodge gives priority to Puerto Iguazú residents, in order to promote local employment. La Aldea de la Selva Lodge also promotes, cultural diversity and social inclusion when selecting and recruiting staff. We completely abide by every national and international law when it comes to the work relationship with our employees.

Local suppliers: La Aldea de la Selva Lodge gives priority to local suppliers to promote local development and reduce the carbon footprint produced by transportation.

Environmental education for the community: The Lodge offers its facilities to the Puerto Iguazú community to promote environmental education. Likewise, year after year the Lodge makes its facilities available to several organizations working towards the preservation of the Atlantic Rainforest and the promotion of sustainable development in Puerto Iguazú, for them to organize outreach activities for the community.

La Aldea de la Selva Lodge promotes, not only within the company but also with its clients, suppliers and the community, a working relationship based on freedom, equality and respect for the individual and for Human Rights. Social Damage Prevention Policy: Through our Social Damage Prevention Policy, we express our commitment to:

  • Eradicate and prevent sexual and/or commercial exploitation of teens, girls and teens. To that intent, we have a Protocol for the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual and/or Commercial Exploitation of boys , girls and teens. Through this policy, we ensure that no minor stays in our lodge with an adult who cannot prove filiation or submit an authorization signed by the minor's parents, along with a photocopy of the parents' ID (this authorization does not need validation by a notary or public authority). In La Aldea de la Selva Lodge we aim to protect minors from possibly risky situations and promote a healthier and safer tourism for everyone!
  • Eradicate every form of Human Trafficking. In La Aldea de la Selva Lodge, we actively advocate for Human Rights and express our active commitment to the prevention and eradication of human trafficking.
  • Forbid the use of illegal drugs. La Aldea de la Selva Lodge always operates within the legal framework; therefore, both our collaborators and guests/clients are banned from using illegal drugs , or engaging in any illegal activity.
  • Promote respect towards local traditions and standing against all forms of discrimination. In La Aldea de la Selva Lodge, we do not only promote respect towards local traditions, but we also believe in the importance of spreading and promoting their culture and value.

Our Commitment to the Environment

La Aldea de la Selva Lodge, is committed to taking care of the environment, and preserving it, so we engage in energy , and water saving programs, and we are in the process of obtaining an ISO 14000 certification 14.000.

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Join us in taking care of our planet!