General Information about La Aldea de la Selva Lodge

We are a company in the tourism and hotel industry pioneer in giving value to the natural and cultural resources of the Iguazú area,
and, at the same time, we provide a unique accommodation experience, and a distinguished service.

Our Mission

"We pride ourselves on being the first Lodge in the Atlantic Forest of Puerto Iguazú. We provide a quality and friendly service, unique both in concept and attention, proposing the guest to forge a participatory bond with the local culture and nature. We are firmly committed to sustainability, developing efforts aimed at the care and conservation of the environment, the promotion of local culture and sustainable development,, and the continuous improvement of our service quality".

Our Vision

“We aim to be recognized as a prestigious sustainable touristic development, leading the Lodge market segment in the Misiones Province, and becoming the first accommodation choice for tourists seeking a sustainable lodge in Puerto Iguazú. We aim to be recognized as a company that promotes sustainability actions in the community by contributing our effort and commitment towards making Puerto Iguazú a Green Iguazú".

Our Values

Code of Ethics

You can download our

Code of Ethics